For Vaprobash:

Please make pull requests to the Master branch of the Vaprobash repository.

Vaprobash now uses SemVer, so bug fixes/tweaks will create patch releases and new features will create minor releases.

Note that this means that bug fixes and minor tweaks will likely get accepted before feature additions, however all PR's will be reviewed!

For This Website

For this website, you can make any improvements to the gh-pages branch.

Please make any larger modifications (new pages, different designs) to a branch of gh-pages (perhaps gh-pages-dev) so they can be tested/updated before being merged into gh-pages.

When you contribute, there are a few places that could use editing:

  • For now, the file should be updated with any information (if appropriate) reflecting your contribution
  • In addition to a bash script, the Vagrant file should also be properly commented and otherwise edited.
  • Please make a separate pull request updating the gh-pages branch (this site) if appropriate.